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Our story


inCOLORboutique.com was established by Orsolya Meckl who left behind her well-established professional life in Europe to introduce this magnificent women’s fashion apparel to North America so that women in the USA can share her amazement. She founded her company to bridge the two continents and make these stylish miracles available to women in the USA. For those ladies who have a taste and openness for a colorful, unique, continuously changing, yet still consistent style... For limitless patterns and cuts that flatter virtually all body types and for vibrant and unique combinations of color.

Her story:

"Before I’ve discovered the brands I’ve brought to the USA, I had no idea that knitwear and accessories made from yarn or textiles could be so exceptionally beautiful and complement each other so well. In the past knitwear meant just a few boring and practical sweaters and cardigans to take the chill off a cold day. I wasn’t even aware that yarn or textiles could be raw materials for jewelry. Since then I’ve come to know and love these brands, discovering a completely new and limitless world of knitwear and accessories. Once you wear one of these miracles, you will be pulled into their world forever. You’ll return again and again to discover new and amazing pieces that will occupy a dedicated place in your closet.”


The Süel brand was established by Zsuzsanna Csillag over 25 years ago and is well-known throughout Central Europe for its high quality and “fully-fashioned” knitted garments for women. Design and production are all done in-house in Budapest, Hungary. Despite the company’s rapid growth it is still a family enterprise, owned by mother and daughter.

In the words of designer Zsuzsi Csillag:

"I saw the opportunity to inject fresh energy into my mother’s company; I had no doubt we could build up our knitwear into something with a local heart but global aspirations. A real parade of yarns that would bring people joy. We offer femininity, freedom, and girl power. Through vibrant and lively colors, chunky knitwear and cozy wools we emphasize both the soft and the strong side of real women. My knits help women to be proud of their body, be more feminine, enjoy compliments and feel more alive.”

The Andrea Mácsár brand was established in Budapest in 2010, and the inspiration to combine textiles with wood literally came from a dream of the designer. Her father is a carpenter and he came up with the first prototypes for jewelry’s wood base. Using yarn as a raw material was inspired by Süel’s knitwear products. The first yarn containing design jewelry complemented Süel’s colorful, feminine, extravagant style. The company has grown organically by serving retail partners throughout Europe.

Principal designer Andrea puts it this way:

“I love textiles! I can use them in many ways – the possibilities are endless. I adore wood! The smell of it reminds me of home as my father is a carpenter. I am very grateful to him for refining the design of my wood-based jewelry and advising me on how to process the wood even better. I learned sewing, knitting, and embroidering from my mother. When I was 12, I was already wearing jewelry that I had made myself. My vision is to make unique, eye-catching, vibrant jewelry, giving every woman the chance to find the right color and pattern for her, complementing her own style to the fullest.”


The story of ESZKA goes back more than 20 years when a family run knitting factory in Hungary produced garments under contract for big German and other Western European chains. Then the economic crisis of 2007 caused the family to consider closing the factory just as the daughter of the family, Kriszta Szakos was graduating from college as a costume and fashion designer. That's when Kriszta turned her attention and her creativity to the family business which continues to operate now producing its own unique apparel. Today the creative force behind ESZKA designs Kriszta also works as a sought after costume designer for movies and commercials.

Kriszta shares her design ethos:

"Design ideas literally flow from my head, whether for the extraordinary costumes I must create for films, or for our knitting factory. ESZKA is my playground where I can create designs without expectation or limits; it's an opportunity to freely express my creativity.

I don’t consider myself as a fashion designer, but rather a visual artist.

Every collection starts with a taste, a smell, a touch, or an image, a thought, a feeling or a unique atmosphere. It develops into a vision which creates an image in my mind. Then I fill it up with patterns and color combinations, and produce sketches. I am very sensitive regarding color, and an important mission for my design art is that I would like to color up people. When I see how the apparel pieces are coming down from the knitting machine, when I see and touch the selected color pairs with the patterns in reality, I feel moments of triumph. These are also the moments when I gain ideas for new color pairs. This is a never ending cycle of creativity, the collections are continuation of each other, and they grow organically as a never ending scarf. There is no split in it and I never tie up the ends of the threads."